Drawings #1

Hi guys, BlackthornProd presents to you its first drawings releases ! Every week, we will post on our blog new cool characters, heroes and villains !

Our first sketch shows someone that is having a really bad day, his body is falling to pieces before his very eyes !!

Our second character comes from our cartoony horror collection, we are proud to present you the ghost, a fragile spirit that drifts soundlesly around the tombstones, searching for a prey to scare away with its big SPoOkY eyes !!

Finally, we present to you the wizard, this guy is a bit crazy and loves wandering alone in the woods blowing things up and setting trees on fire !

falling apart
Falling apart
Horror co. Ghost
Wispy Ghost
Horror co. Wizard
Crackpot Crazy old Wizard

UFO landing #4 : BBB’s bones

Hi everyone !!

We have the greatest of pleasure to present to you our famous control rig for Big Brainy Bob ! Rigging is a very important step to take when planning to create an animation with 3D characters , without rigging there is no animation and without animation there is no mouvement or story.

BBB rigg
UFO Landing – BBB rigged – Maya 2015
UFO landing affiche
UFO Landing – pose example – Maya 2015

For BBB, the rig was pretty simple, first of all we had to place the joints; in Maya, joints are like bones, its what makes the skeleton structure of our characters and, in short, its what makes them come to life and enables them to move.

Then we skined the joints to BBB, skining is the process required to make the arms, legs, head etc … move with the joints, its what makes the joints have influence over the character.

Almost finished 🙂 , the final step to take when wanting to rig a simple character in Maya is to put in place an animation control system, this process is much easier than skinning or placing joints, its all about creating a control (circle, square…) and then giving this control influence over the joints. Once finished, all the animator will have to do is select whichever control he may want and then move it around !!

SneakPeak …

Hi guys,

BlackthornProd is proud to introduce you to its next superstar character just fresh out of Maya 🙂 …

We have the greatest of pleasure to present to you the … Flame Imp, a spicy and funny little devil that loves destroying things with his spiky and deadly pitchfork, but sometimes bites of more than he can chew !!! 😈 😈

Flame Imp sneakpick 013

UFO Landing #3 – Texuring

Hey guys , today we are going to show you Mr BBB and his UFO textured !! :mrgreen:

bbb and ufo textured
UFO Landing -BBB and his UFO textured

We wanted Big Brainy Bob to have a metallic looking cybersuit with a cool red reflexion, it had to look nice and shiny, a sort of material that no human would wear on earth. 🙂 For the head and hands a simple grey texture did the trick.

The UFO’s texture was simple as well, a sort of nice shiny red with cool reflexions, we made the cock pit transparent green so we could see BBB inside . Easy 😆

Now let’s get cracking with the techniques !

We used really basic and straight forward textures (blins,phongs …) We just added some incandescence to give that cool looking red patern on his cybersuit . Finally we added an ambient light to the cock pit to give it a creepy and strange look.

Coming next on our blog UFO Landing #4 – rigging until then stay tuned and enjoy the summer 🙄

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UFO Landing #2-Modeling

Hey guys !

We are going to show you the different steps used to create Big Brainy Bob as well as the colours and textures applied !!

We wanted to get our character looking the closest possible to our reference meaning we wanted very large eyes, a big head and quite a slim body 🙄

So let us tell you how we tried achieving this goal ; the head had to be almost the same size has the body to get that unreal look to BBB and giving him that cartoony style.

BBB’s legs and arms had to be very thin to give him a kind of fragile look but also the feeling that this guy could be very stealthy and quiet.

UFO Landing – BBB front

BBB was the first character i modelled from scratch. It was pretty straight forward using mainly standard modeling tools (polygons… ) 😉 Still, there were a few challenges 😯 such as anatomy….

BBB side
UFO Landing – BBB side

Next on BlackthornProd Blog – UFO Landing #3 – Texturing and do not forget to follow us, post comments. Until then keep well and enjoy the summer heat 🙂

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UFO Landing #1 – Story board

Hey guys !

We will start with a series of posts on our first Maya 2015 project – UFO Landing. We will cover the story board, modeling and texturing, rigging and finally animation and dynamics. Whaou ! a lot of ground to cover 🙂 Now, let’s get cracking with the story board 😀

Maya 2015 Project story board

A project always starts with a sketch on a piece of paper, napkin whatever… where we put down our ideas , character concepts, animation steps and of course a story outline.

For our first project UFO Landing, we
wanted to do something fun and challenging. A small UFO flying around in space, landing on a small planet and a friendly looking alien pops out the space ship. Easy 😯

Now, let’s introduce the final contenders for the Alien role:


#1 – Mr “fly eyes”

UFO Landing – Mr “Fly eyes”

#2 – Frogzor

Frog looking character
UFO Landing – Frogzor

#3 – Space Landing

UFO Landing - Space Gobelin
UFO Landing – Space Gobelin

#4 – Bob

Big Brainy Bob
UFO Landing – Big Brainy Bob aka BBB

And the winner is……BBB !!! 😎 and because we like you so much we are going to give you a sneak peak of Mr BBB as modelled in Maya 2015 ! whoau….:lol:

UFO Landing - BBB Model Maya 2015
UFO Landing – BBB Model Maya 2015

Don’t miss our next post – BBB modelling and texturing with Maya 2015…until then take care ! And stay tuned with BlackthornProd.