The 2 heroes of HMS

Hello !!

Ghostly wizard
Ghostly Wizard – HauntedMansionSeries – BlackthornProd

In this post, we are going to show you our two hero characters from our Haunted Mansion Series, the fierce barbarian and the gostly wizard. Each one of them were modelled in Autodesk Maya and painted in Mudbox and the process was very fun and super simple. Polygon modelling and some simple painting techniques was all that we used .

Has you can see in our previous post, we showed you a quick sketch of our two heroes and their loyal cat and just like our drawing, we created something very cartoony and funny to look at. Our goal for this serie is to create a spooky house full of dangerous monsters but at the same time, keep a cool and cartoony style to it !! πŸ™‚

Barbarian HMS
Barbarian – HauntedMansionSeries – BlackthornProd
staff skull
Wizard Staff – HauntedMansionSeries – BlackthornProd

Hope you enjoy our two funny heroes, you can bet that these two guys will get into a lot of trouble !! 😈


Big News on BlackthornProd

Hello everyone and welcome back yet again for a post on BlackthornProd !! πŸ™‚

We are very excited to inform you on 3 major events coming up very soon. First of all, we will be sending our animations, little tutorials and more on our YouTube channel as soon as we get our microphone !

Secondly, we have started to prepare a course that will be sent on Udemy, which is an online training library. This course will consist on the making of a little cartoony barbarian character, this series of tutorials will be for people that are interested in creating 3D characters and that have no experience whatsoever in using the amazing softwares Maya and Mudbox. We will teach you how to get the free, student version of the softwares which are almost the same has the complete versions of Maya and Mudbox, we will then bring you step by step in creating a little barbarian, learning the basics of how to model in Autodesk Maya and how to paint and texture in Autodesk Mudbox !! So stay tuned, we promise to inform you as soon as our course is published on udemy !!

HMS heroes sketch
Heroes sketch of the Haunted Mansion Series – BlackthornProd

Finally, we are thrilled to inform you on our next project, The haunted Mansion Series !! This project will be cut in five episodes, so five little animated movies of two heroes and a faithful cat adventuring themselves in a spooky and dangerous haunted house ! The barbarian that we will make in our udemy course will be one of the heroes and with his good friend, the strange wizard Vorax, they will ward of strange midnight bunnies, scare bloodthirsty vampires and fight a mighty dragon in a deadly duel… Very exciting Β stuff, so continue following us on our blog and look forward to this new, super cool project, The Haunted Mansion Series !!!!!!! 😈

Fur Balls

Hello and welcome back to BlackthornProd !!

Today we are going to show the fur Balls, little round creatures covered in fur with big eyes. The fur Balls are MR Jinxed’s toys and he loves doing cruel expirements on them.

We have made 5 different fur Balls, from left to right (Disco Tech, Polar, sheep, duckling and stone man). All of them were made using a simple nurbs sphere which we added fur too.

Fur Balls autodesk maya liam noa gosher blackthornprod
Fur Balls – BlackthornProd – Maya 2015

All that was left to do was change a few settings, modify the colours, change the fur length and there we go, 5 simple little Fur Balls ready for Mr Jinxed’s insane ideas. 😈

Mr Jinxed rig

Hi everyone !!!

Today we are going to show you how we rigged Mr Jinxed in Autodesk Maya so in other words, how we brought are 3rd character to life ! :mrgreen:

The process used to rig the body was similar to our famous BBB so if you are interested, check out our post on UFO Landing #4 : BBB Bones.

This time though we added facial rigging, facial rigging enables us to create different expressions to our character to make him seem more alive. πŸ˜†

The technique we used to do this is called BlendShape, we created several faces of MR Jinxed (duplicated) and then we modelled different expressions, evil smile, big grinn, sad face, blink …

Jinxed rig maya mudbox autodesk liam noa gosher blackthornprod
Mr Jinxed – BlackthornProd – control rig
MR Jinxed Bshp
Mr jinxed – facial expressions – BlackthornProd
mrjiixed pose
Mr Jixed – evil smile – BlackthornProd

All in all it was a very fun process, we hardly encountered any problems and the result was great, Mr Jinxed is now ready for animation !!! πŸ™‚

MR Jinxed Model

MR Jinxed profile
Mr Jinxed – profile – BlackthornProd
MR Jinxed close up
Mr Jinxed – close up – BlackthornProd

Hi everyone !!!

BlackthornProd is back after two weeks in the mountains without computers or internet connection.

We are really happy to show you our 3rd character, his name is MR Jinxed and he is a crazy scientist that is going to blow things up.

To create him we used Autodesk Maya and to colour and texture him we used Autodesk Mudbox, the process was fun and easy, we encountered no problems at all.

This character is going to be used for different small and funny projects so stay tuned and look forward to what is going to come up on BlackthornProd !!! πŸ™‚

MR Jinxed Maya Autodesk Mudbox BlackthornProd Modelling Texturing
MR Jinxed – BlackthornProd

PS : The final animation of UFO Landing has been completed but we have sadly had a few problems to post it on our blog but do not worry, we are going to create a Youtube Chanel very soon so you will be able to see all our animated projects !!!