Howard Curdal : World of Blackthorn movie number 1 main character !

Hi guys and welcome back to BlackthornProd !

We have just finished our main character for the world of Blackthorn movie number 1, the young Howard Curdle ! He was a pretty simple character to create, now we are going to make a solid control rig so we can then have a huge amount of fun animating him !

The goal for this project is really the animation, we want to create a short (about 1 minute) but quality animation where the audience understands what is going on and actually likes it, we want them to have a good time watching it and see a large improvement compared to our other mini animated movies like Haunted Mansion Series episode 1, UFO Landing and Sweet Pumpkin !

PS : Very soon we are also going to share with you some very VERY exciting news so stay tuned !!

Also, just click on the images to get a better view of the character !!


BlackthornProd’s BIG news 2

Hi everyone and welcome back to BlackthornProd !!

A lot of very exiting things are happening at the moment, first of all we have finally finished the animation for our haunted Mansion Serie episode 1 !! All that there is left to do is add some lights to the scene and do some clean up work, once that is all done we will render out our mini movie and send it to Youtube for all of you to see ! This was our very first BlackthornProd animation, it was challenging but very fun and the result was cool even though we still have a lot to learn before we become masters at 3D animation. 🙂

story board HMS
Story board – HMS – BlackthornProd

Secondly, we are very exited to inform you that we have begun to sketch out some ideas for a completly new project “Sweat Pumpkin”, this funny little animated movie is focused on Halloween 2015 and is going to bring to light 2 new BlackthornProd characters, a little girl called Susy Wizz and an evil Pumpkin Man.

IP susy front
Susy front – Sweat Pumpkin – BlackthornProd
IP susy side
Susy side – Sweat Pumpkin – BlackthornProd
Brainy Frank
Brainy Frank – BlackthornProd

Next we wanted to show you the cool character we are working on, Brainy Frank, a disgusting Frankenstein Monster that is leaving half of his body parts behind him as he runs for his life

Finally we also wanted to tell you that to celebrate Halloween we are also going to do a Pumpkin Party, in other words, each one of BlackthornProd’s characters will wear an original and funny Pumpkin Head !

So keep following BlackthornProd because tons of awseome things are coming up, if you are interested in the wonderful 3D world and industry I also recommend you to look at BlackthornProd’s Youtube channel where we launch every week tutorials, animations and much much more ! You should also check out CG society , a beautiful website that offers you inspiration and great forums !!

That’s it guys, see you all very soon and remember, Halloween is coming … 😈

Animation of HMS episode 1 has begun !!

After a month of creating our characters, building our house and working on a spooky environment we have finally started animating the first episode of our Haunted Mansion Series ! 🙂

The fierce barbarian and the gostly wizard are ready to walk up the twisting path towards the haunted house where they will encounter some of the most dangerous and spooky monsters know to man !!

We will show you the storyboard we created for our first episode  very soon so stay tuned everybody !

anim epi1 HMS
Poster of HMS episode 1

As soon as the animation is completed, we will put it on our Youtube channel for all of you to see !!  🙂

PS : click on the picture to get a better view

Spooky environment…

Hi ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to BlackthornProd !

We have been back in school for more than a week now and sadly we feel that we have less and less time for graphical art. But do not worry, every single minute of our spare time we are working on the various projects, videos, characters and drawings of BlackthornProd.

Episode 1 of HMS is coming out very soon (two to three weeks at the most), cool tutorial videos on our Youtube channel will be showing up any moment and as Halloween is coming, we are preparing spooky portofolio characters  like the Reaper, the old hag, Jack-O-Pumpkin and Brainy Frank. 😈

Environment – Haunted Mansion Series – BlackthornProd

But enough talk, we wanted to show you the environment we created for our 1st episode of HMS, check it out and tell us what you think, just know that we took barely 40 minutes to create it and that we will be posting a video on our Youtube channel of how to design this scene using Paint effect in Maya. Oh and don’t worry, if you guys don’t have Autodesk Maya we will show you how to get it in a very easy 3 minute video on Youtube for free !! 🙂

HMS envi
Envirenment – Haunted Mansion Series

PS : click on the images to get a better view !

HMS Animation controls !

We have finally completed the rigging system of our characters for the first episode of our Haunted Mansion Series.

The scared wizard, the courageous barbarian and the fluffy midnight bunnies are ready to be animated in our spooky little movie. 😈

For the wizard, we added a stretchy arm feature that will enable us to do cool and funny things with him, as for the barbarian, we did a quick facial rigging system that will enable him to do an angry and sad face !

The bunnies rig was easily done, very soon a video on our YOUTUBE channel will come out, explaining the hole process of how we rigged our cute furry monsters.

Barbarian rig
Barbarian rig- BlackthornProd
Wiz rig
Wizard rig – BlackthornProd
MNB rig
Midnight bunnies rig – BlackthornProd

So that’s it, stay tuned and get exited because lots of really cool and exiting things are coming out on BlackthornProd, tutorials, tips and tricks, our small animated movies and much MUCH more…

Midnight bunnies

Hi everyone and welcome back to BlackthornProd !!

Our Haunted Mansion Series (HMS) are progressing wonderfully, our two main hero characters are fully modelled and textured, the barbarian is ready for animation and the wizard is half way through rigging, things are running nice and smoothly. 🙂

On top of that, we are happy to inform you that our very first monsters from HMS have been created, the midnight bunnies !!! These are the creatures that our two heroes will encounter in the first episode has they walk towards the spooky haunted Mansion.

Even better news, if you are interested in creating them, I propose that you visit BlackthornProd’s Youtube page where we do full tutorials on how to use Maya fur and where we bring you through step by step on how to create a Midnight bunny !!! 🙂

See you all soon and stay tuned because real exciting things are coming up on BlackthornProd.

Midnight bunnies
Midnight bunnies – Maya – BlackthornProd

BlackthornProd’s Youtube channel is out !!

Hello everybody !

This is just a quick post to inform you that our Youtube channel is out ! Its name is BlackthornProd and every week, we will release tutorials, little animations, step by step projects of how to create some of our characters and much more !! Our first videos are aimed on learning about Maya Fur, the first part just introduces you to the basics of fur, how to apply it on an object, change its colour… The second and third video (that will come out this week-end) will bring you through the process of creating a midnight bunny, a little furry creature that will be part of our Haunted Mansion Series !! By creating this character you will learn some awseome Maya Fur tools as well as some cool and simple Maya modelling techniques ! 🙂

The 2 heroes of HMS

Hello !!

Ghostly wizard
Ghostly Wizard – HauntedMansionSeries – BlackthornProd

In this post, we are going to show you our two hero characters from our Haunted Mansion Series, the fierce barbarian and the gostly wizard. Each one of them were modelled in Autodesk Maya and painted in Mudbox and the process was very fun and super simple. Polygon modelling and some simple painting techniques was all that we used .

Has you can see in our previous post, we showed you a quick sketch of our two heroes and their loyal cat and just like our drawing, we created something very cartoony and funny to look at. Our goal for this serie is to create a spooky house full of dangerous monsters but at the same time, keep a cool and cartoony style to it !! 🙂

Barbarian HMS
Barbarian – HauntedMansionSeries – BlackthornProd
staff skull
Wizard Staff – HauntedMansionSeries – BlackthornProd

Hope you enjoy our two funny heroes, you can bet that these two guys will get into a lot of trouble !! 😈