World of Blackthorn

Welcome everybody to the last post of BlackthornProd for the year 2015, an amazing year because it was only just this summer that we started out our journey into the amazing world of digital art and video games !

But I am telling you this guys, the year 2016 is going to be a no joke year, it is going to be a CRAZY year and hopefully a very successful one  !

First of all BlackthornProd has decided it is time to create our very own world. It’s name is Blackthorn (inspired by the name of our community :)). It is set in a fantasy world filled with dangers and horror. Glowing red eyes in the dark, green mist hanging by a strange and rundown cabin, thick green slime in the dark grass, the low and dangerous growl of a beast you can’t see, that’s all everybody know in this world. The notion of fun, joy and happiness are unknown, here, in Blackthorn all everybody can think about is SURVIVAL. It’s a world ruled by terror and fear of the night, a place where people shiver and crawl under their beds at the sound of a bird… well you get the picture, this is not a cool place.

We really want to make this a vibrant world with it’s own history, lore, monsters, towns and more ! We are also thinking of making epic comic books of this world, just know one thing, we are looking for a dark and mysterious world but with an edge of fun and cool cartoony sort of style !

To start off we are going to be making the WORLD OF BLACKTHORN cinematic #1 which is going to be a very short animated movie featuring one or two characters of our world ! We will probably post you very soon the storyboard of  this mini movie so stay tuned !!

Here is a little 3D character we created for the WORLD of Blackthorn, his name is Squish, a small abomination, he might be used as the pet of one of our main characters ! (He can’t walk, only hop around or slowly move like a snail/slug). We are going to of course rig him very soon !

Just one last word, we will surely resume creating our Youtube videos in another one or two months, right now though we are too busy learning about game development and creating the world of Blackthorn to create YOUTUBE tutorials, we are also brainstorming on a UDEMY course, a massive step by step tutorial series where we will bring you through the process of creating your very first short and simple animated movie, with characters, textures, rigging and animation !


Nabolos aliens

In this post I wanted to show you a Nabolos, a squat little alien creature that populates the world of Nabulu .

This particular Nabolos will be the main character of our World of Nabulu project. The modelling and rigging was done in Autodesk Maya and the texturing was done in Mudbox.

We wanted to give our alien a wet skin texture, a bit like a snail or a slug, to do that we created a specular paint layer, took a stamp and painted over the head and hands.

We also created a complete facial rig for this character so he can smile, look sad, angry, cruel, crazy…

The next big challenge for our project is too duplicate this Nabolos character and make different variations of him so we can then make our Nabolos town look more lively and real.

Cool Nabolos – BlackthornProd

That’s it for now, come back soon to see how the Nabolos town will look, what space ships the Nabolos will fly in and what adventures our alien characters will get in as they travel the Nabulu world !!! 🙂

Scared Nabolos – BlackthornProd
Evil Nabolos – BlackthornProd

Big News !! The Nabulu World !

Zoomed out Naulu
World of Nabulu (For now) “Zommed out version”


Hello everyone and welcome back yet again on BlackthornProd ! 🙂

Today I want to share with you BIG news, now that Halloween is over and our (Halloween projects) our completed BlackthornProd has planned out a massive new project called “The Nabulu World”. In this project we are going to create a small world from scratch starting by a “zoomed out version of the world” and going on to create a small town; the Nabolos which are squat little alien creatures that populate the Nabulu World as well as their different cool space ships !! As you see there is a lot of work to do but it is going to be extremly fun ! This is going to be BlackthornProd’s second “official” animated movie and of course, we want our animation to be better than last time, our characters more fun and exiting and the story more interesting ! This project has a lot of challenging aspects to it that we definitly think will help BlackthornProd to progress in many different ways so if you are interested in seeing how the Nabulu World project is going to progress I urge you to stay tuned on BlackthornProd ! 🙂

PS : If you want to see Sweat Pumpkin animated short, check out BlackthornProd’s YOUTUBE channel !

The 2 heroes of HMS

Hello !!

Ghostly wizard
Ghostly Wizard – HauntedMansionSeries – BlackthornProd

In this post, we are going to show you our two hero characters from our Haunted Mansion Series, the fierce barbarian and the gostly wizard. Each one of them were modelled in Autodesk Maya and painted in Mudbox and the process was very fun and super simple. Polygon modelling and some simple painting techniques was all that we used .

Has you can see in our previous post, we showed you a quick sketch of our two heroes and their loyal cat and just like our drawing, we created something very cartoony and funny to look at. Our goal for this serie is to create a spooky house full of dangerous monsters but at the same time, keep a cool and cartoony style to it !! 🙂

Barbarian HMS
Barbarian – HauntedMansionSeries – BlackthornProd
staff skull
Wizard Staff – HauntedMansionSeries – BlackthornProd

Hope you enjoy our two funny heroes, you can bet that these two guys will get into a lot of trouble !! 😈

MR Jinxed Model

MR Jinxed profile
Mr Jinxed – profile – BlackthornProd
MR Jinxed close up
Mr Jinxed – close up – BlackthornProd

Hi everyone !!!

BlackthornProd is back after two weeks in the mountains without computers or internet connection.

We are really happy to show you our 3rd character, his name is MR Jinxed and he is a crazy scientist that is going to blow things up.

To create him we used Autodesk Maya and to colour and texture him we used Autodesk Mudbox, the process was fun and easy, we encountered no problems at all.

This character is going to be used for different small and funny projects so stay tuned and look forward to what is going to come up on BlackthornProd !!! 🙂

MR Jinxed Maya Autodesk Mudbox BlackthornProd Modelling Texturing
MR Jinxed – BlackthornProd

PS : The final animation of UFO Landing has been completed but we have sadly had a few problems to post it on our blog but do not worry, we are going to create a Youtube Chanel very soon so you will be able to see all our animated projects !!!

UFO Landing #3 – Texuring

Hey guys , today we are going to show you Mr BBB and his UFO textured !! :mrgreen:

bbb and ufo textured
UFO Landing -BBB and his UFO textured

We wanted Big Brainy Bob to have a metallic looking cybersuit with a cool red reflexion, it had to look nice and shiny, a sort of material that no human would wear on earth. 🙂 For the head and hands a simple grey texture did the trick.

The UFO’s texture was simple as well, a sort of nice shiny red with cool reflexions, we made the cock pit transparent green so we could see BBB inside . Easy 😆

Now let’s get cracking with the techniques !

We used really basic and straight forward textures (blins,phongs …) We just added some incandescence to give that cool looking red patern on his cybersuit . Finally we added an ambient light to the cock pit to give it a creepy and strange look.

Coming next on our blog UFO Landing #4 – rigging until then stay tuned and enjoy the summer 🙄

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UFO Landing #2-Modeling

Hey guys !

We are going to show you the different steps used to create Big Brainy Bob as well as the colours and textures applied !!

We wanted to get our character looking the closest possible to our reference meaning we wanted very large eyes, a big head and quite a slim body 🙄

So let us tell you how we tried achieving this goal ; the head had to be almost the same size has the body to get that unreal look to BBB and giving him that cartoony style.

BBB’s legs and arms had to be very thin to give him a kind of fragile look but also the feeling that this guy could be very stealthy and quiet.

UFO Landing – BBB front

BBB was the first character i modelled from scratch. It was pretty straight forward using mainly standard modeling tools (polygons… ) 😉 Still, there were a few challenges 😯 such as anatomy….

BBB side
UFO Landing – BBB side

Next on BlackthornProd Blog – UFO Landing #3 – Texturing and do not forget to follow us, post comments. Until then keep well and enjoy the summer heat 🙂

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