UFO Landing #1 – Story board

Hey guys !

We will start with a series of posts on our first Maya 2015 project – UFO Landing. We will cover the story board, modeling and texturing, rigging and finally animation and dynamics. Whaou ! a lot of ground to cover 🙂 Now, let’s get cracking with the story board 😀

Maya 2015 Project story board

A project always starts with a sketch on a piece of paper, napkin whatever… where we put down our ideas , character concepts, animation steps and of course a story outline.

For our first project UFO Landing, we
wanted to do something fun and challenging. A small UFO flying around in space, landing on a small planet and a friendly looking alien pops out the space ship. Easy 😯

Now, let’s introduce the final contenders for the Alien role:


#1 – Mr “fly eyes”

UFO Landing – Mr “Fly eyes”

#2 – Frogzor

Frog looking character
UFO Landing – Frogzor

#3 – Space Landing

UFO Landing - Space Gobelin
UFO Landing – Space Gobelin

#4 – Bob

Big Brainy Bob
UFO Landing – Big Brainy Bob aka BBB

And the winner is……BBB !!! 😎 and because we like you so much we are going to give you a sneak peak of Mr BBB as modelled in Maya 2015 ! whoau….:lol:

UFO Landing - BBB Model Maya 2015
UFO Landing – BBB Model Maya 2015

Don’t miss our next post – BBB modelling and texturing with Maya 2015…until then take care ! And stay tuned with BlackthornProd.