Howard Curdal : World of Blackthorn movie number 1 main character !

Hi guys and welcome back to BlackthornProd !

We have just finished our main character for the world of Blackthorn movie number 1, the young Howard Curdle ! He was a pretty simple character to create, now we are going to make a solid control rig so we can then have a huge amount of fun animating him !

The goal for this project is really the animation, we want to create a short (about 1 minute) but quality animation where the audience understands what is going on and actually likes it, we want them to have a good time watching it and see a large improvement compared to our other mini animated movies like Haunted Mansion Series episode 1, UFO Landing and Sweet Pumpkin !

PS : Very soon we are also going to share with you some very VERY exciting news so stay tuned !!

Also, just click on the images to get a better view of the character !!


Dragon Thief !!

Hi everyone !

Today I wanted to show you the villain of our Dragon Rock project, the evil thief ! I had a lot of fun creating and rigging this character and am dying to start animating him in our first scene ! Hope you like the design of this guy and get excited to see him in action in our Dragon project !!


HMS Animation controls !

We have finally completed the rigging system of our characters for the first episode of our Haunted Mansion Series.

The scared wizard, the courageous barbarian and the fluffy midnight bunnies are ready to be animated in our spooky little movie. 😈

For the wizard, we added a stretchy arm feature that will enable us to do cool and funny things with him, as for the barbarian, we did a quick facial rigging system that will enable him to do an angry and sad face !

The bunnies rig was easily done, very soon a video on our YOUTUBE channel will come out, explaining the hole process of how we rigged our cute furry monsters.

Barbarian rig
Barbarian rig- BlackthornProd
Wiz rig
Wizard rig – BlackthornProd
MNB rig
Midnight bunnies rig – BlackthornProd

So that’s it, stay tuned and get exited because lots of really cool and exiting things are coming out on BlackthornProd, tutorials, tips and tricks, our small animated movies and much MUCH more…

Mr Jinxed rig

Hi everyone !!!

Today we are going to show you how we rigged Mr Jinxed in Autodesk Maya so in other words, how we brought are 3rd character to life ! :mrgreen:

The process used to rig the body was similar to our famous BBB so if you are interested, check out our post on UFO Landing #4 : BBB Bones.

This time though we added facial rigging, facial rigging enables us to create different expressions to our character to make him seem more alive. 😆

The technique we used to do this is called BlendShape, we created several faces of MR Jinxed (duplicated) and then we modelled different expressions, evil smile, big grinn, sad face, blink …

Jinxed rig maya mudbox autodesk liam noa gosher blackthornprod
Mr Jinxed – BlackthornProd – control rig
MR Jinxed Bshp
Mr jinxed – facial expressions – BlackthornProd
mrjiixed pose
Mr Jixed – evil smile – BlackthornProd

All in all it was a very fun process, we hardly encountered any problems and the result was great, Mr Jinxed is now ready for animation !!! 🙂