World of Blackthorn

Welcome everybody to the last post of BlackthornProd for the year 2015, an amazing year because it was only just this summer that we started out our journey into the amazing world of digital art and video games !

But I am telling you this guys, the year 2016 is going to be a no joke year, it is going to be a CRAZY year and hopefully a very successful one  !

First of all BlackthornProd has decided it is time to create our very own world. It’s name is Blackthorn (inspired by the name of our community :)). It is set in a fantasy world filled with dangers and horror. Glowing red eyes in the dark, green mist hanging by a strange and rundown cabin, thick green slime in the dark grass, the low and dangerous growl of a beast you can’t see, that’s all everybody know in this world. The notion of fun, joy and happiness are unknown, here, in Blackthorn all everybody can think about is SURVIVAL. It’s a world ruled by terror and fear of the night, a place where people shiver and crawl under their beds at the sound of a bird… well you get the picture, this is not a cool place.

We really want to make this a vibrant world with it’s own history, lore, monsters, towns and more ! We are also thinking of making epic comic books of this world, just know one thing, we are looking for a dark and mysterious world but with an edge of fun and cool cartoony sort of style !

To start off we are going to be making the WORLD OF BLACKTHORN cinematic #1 which is going to be a very short animated movie featuring one or two characters of our world ! We will probably post you very soon the storyboard of  this mini movie so stay tuned !!

Here is a little 3D character we created for the WORLD of Blackthorn, his name is Squish, a small abomination, he might be used as the pet of one of our main characters ! (He can’t walk, only hop around or slowly move like a snail/slug). We are going to of course rig him very soon !

Just one last word, we will surely resume creating our Youtube videos in another one or two months, right now though we are too busy learning about game development and creating the world of Blackthorn to create YOUTUBE tutorials, we are also brainstorming on a UDEMY course, a massive step by step tutorial series where we will bring you through the process of creating your very first short and simple animated movie, with characters, textures, rigging and animation !


HMS Animation controls !

We have finally completed the rigging system of our characters for the first episode of our Haunted Mansion Series.

The scared wizard, the courageous barbarian and the fluffy midnight bunnies are ready to be animated in our spooky little movie. 😈

For the wizard, we added a stretchy arm feature that will enable us to do cool and funny things with him, as for the barbarian, we did a quick facial rigging system that will enable him to do an angry and sad face !

The bunnies rig was easily done, very soon a video on our YOUTUBE channel will come out, explaining the hole process of how we rigged our cute furry monsters.

Barbarian rig
Barbarian rig- BlackthornProd
Wiz rig
Wizard rig – BlackthornProd
MNB rig
Midnight bunnies rig – BlackthornProd

So that’s it, stay tuned and get exited because lots of really cool and exiting things are coming out on BlackthornProd, tutorials, tips and tricks, our small animated movies and much MUCH more…

BlackthornProd’s Youtube channel is out !!

Hello everybody !

This is just a quick post to inform you that our Youtube channel is out ! Its name is BlackthornProd and every week, we will release tutorials, little animations, step by step projects of how to create some of our characters and much more !! Our first videos are aimed on learning about Maya Fur, the first part just introduces you to the basics of fur, how to apply it on an object, change its colour… The second and third video (that will come out this week-end) will bring you through the process of creating a midnight bunny, a little furry creature that will be part of our Haunted Mansion Series !! By creating this character you will learn some awseome Maya Fur tools as well as some cool and simple Maya modelling techniques ! 🙂

Big News on BlackthornProd

Hello everyone and welcome back yet again for a post on BlackthornProd !! 🙂

We are very excited to inform you on 3 major events coming up very soon. First of all, we will be sending our animations, little tutorials and more on our YouTube channel as soon as we get our microphone !

Secondly, we have started to prepare a course that will be sent on Udemy, which is an online training library. This course will consist on the making of a little cartoony barbarian character, this series of tutorials will be for people that are interested in creating 3D characters and that have no experience whatsoever in using the amazing softwares Maya and Mudbox. We will teach you how to get the free, student version of the softwares which are almost the same has the complete versions of Maya and Mudbox, we will then bring you step by step in creating a little barbarian, learning the basics of how to model in Autodesk Maya and how to paint and texture in Autodesk Mudbox !! So stay tuned, we promise to inform you as soon as our course is published on udemy !!

HMS heroes sketch
Heroes sketch of the Haunted Mansion Series – BlackthornProd

Finally, we are thrilled to inform you on our next project, The haunted Mansion Series !! This project will be cut in five episodes, so five little animated movies of two heroes and a faithful cat adventuring themselves in a spooky and dangerous haunted house ! The barbarian that we will make in our udemy course will be one of the heroes and with his good friend, the strange wizard Vorax, they will ward of strange midnight bunnies, scare bloodthirsty vampires and fight a mighty dragon in a deadly duel… Very exciting  stuff, so continue following us on our blog and look forward to this new, super cool project, The Haunted Mansion Series !!!!!!! 😈