The Team

The Twins-BlackthornProd

Our team is composed of 3 members at the moment…

Noa, 15 years old, is the creative director and founder of BlackThornProd.  His passion for digital art, creations and his ever flowing imagination have enabled him to create numerous projects all of which are unique and fun. Noa has used Autodesk Maya for over five months and loves modelling characters with this software, he also enjoys adding dynamics bringing his characters to life and rendering his projects !! Noa has also recently started a Youtube channel, sharing his knowledge and at the same time, enabling you to create cool characters, rigs and much more from BlackthornProd !!!

Liam, 13 years old, is the web developer/editor and game developer of BlackthornProd, his passion for programming and webdev are going to enable BlackthornProd in creating their very first video games, official websites and much more !! Liam is also very handy with Autodesk Mudbox where he textures and paints our characters !

Gosherama, spiritual leader and CFO  is our latest recruit. His advice and help have enabled BlackthornProd to progress in many different ways. Gosherame is also a passionate Web Developer !


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